Protect the exposed areas in and around your gutter system!

Aluminum or PVC capping protects your exposed wood. Most importantly it is used to cover fascia, gables, window trim, and crown molding. Capping covers the wood so that it doesn’t rot. If you have exposed wood outside of your house, over time because of all types of weather, your wood will rot, possibly making the structure unsafe as well as causing mold and mildew. To prevent damage, even from¬† bugs and animals, cap the wood to make it maintenance free. And pick any color you want. Capping is forever!

Many wooden homes have not only survived for centuries, but still look fresh and solid thanks to constant care and maintenance. Capping will keep your wood fresh as well, with much less maintenance required. Gutter Gurus will come out and inspect your exposed wood and help you determine if capping is needed. Contact us now to schedule an appointment! NJ: (856) 428-1299 PA: (610) 971-9715